Benefits of Partnering With Us

At Massage For Recovery, we have defined our niche, and that is specific to substance abuse recovery treatment centers. We partner with rehabs to provide a complete Rehabilitation to the body, mind and soul of rehab patients.

We work with you as a team to design a unique treatment plan that is specific to your facility unique needs.

We provide all the equipment, set up and staff, allowing you and your team the opportunity to complete focus on patient rehabilitation treatment.

Partnering with Massage For Recovery reduces overhead costs to your company.we provide our own therapists, manage scheduling and massage treatment services.

Our team of trained professionals will manage patient regular massage services, accommodating the facility regular programs. We are flexible and work to ensure complete client satisfaction.

We bring onboard the most talented therapists in south florida! Our therapists are passionate and knowledgeable about their profession, our therapists are trained in working with patients during the recovery process. We deliver with confidence and consistency ensuring patient & clients satisfaction.

All of our massage therapists are licensed & insured!

Recent studies regarding massage therapy and addiction treatment has shown that massage therapy is particularly effective in the treatment of the long-term pain and discomfort associated with the withdrawal process.

Our goal is to work with your company as a team, providing an integrative approach, where a massage therapist might confer with you and your team regarding the condition and progress of a patient, then act on it together.